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I am an RN of 25 years and a single parent. My business is trying to move from NN, Veterans Administration Trangle their region, North carolina on Come July 1, 2010. My business is transferring with my son and husband to be, which are usually in the business of IT. I'm not saying they want to leave, but considering buying. I'm not very familiar with the area and have some demands of my aspiring new home. 1. Very good system classes-My son has been around the first row once we leave. Two. Where you want it can be just to get to the road so you should vacation back and forth to work. We are trying to have the clinic or Consequences Durham VA Medical Clinic. I do not do brain travel. Three. Region warm and friendly, with many different adventures. (Theme parks, activities for the little ones, purchase) 4. Only a house that is not expensive and can provide me with the rise of my money (real estate agents call me.) Make sure people understand the location and can even give me some tips help you. Thank you very much in advance. What I found? Southwestern recommend Durham. Area-wise, this is the easiest to access other employment centers, which is the center of Trangle, Durham, or Research Park Pie. You have great access to the highway and other highways. And certainly cheaper than the South Durham or Cary. Colleges also beneficial there.

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  1. Lyz X1 says

    I also advise South of Durham. If you examine residences near Willow Spgs, Fuquay-Varina or Carol Rises money goes. Universities are fantastic. In the city of Durham is only a quarter of an hour. There are a lot of systems of parks, lakes, and so on. Around the location. The purchase is actually really convenient way tambin.Yo am not an agent, but I am expert relocation services. I can suggest several realtors for you if you prefer.

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